Top 5 kodi builds 2017 ready entertains your room

Hi all today i will show you what is Top 5 kodi builds 2017 for android, before we talking more I think all of you know what is kodi builds, yeah kodi builds is a preconfigured kodi file that created by some one or some community, it may contains huge of addons that has been installed through repository, it has so many shortcuts to the specific addons,so it can be easily to use. Why you must use this kodi builds, because it offer the latest kodi addons like movies, kids section and tv shows, they have fixed broken links repository, it’s contains addons that already built in so you just single click and then relaxed back in  your chair.


What is Top 5 kodi builds 2017

According to my choice ia have 5 top favorite kodi builds  and here are


nemesis build kodi 2017

Nemesis build is one of popular kodi builds 2017 ,it has created by Matt from the, it is provide simple menu and interface, a ton lists of your favourite add-ons like Cartoon HD, SALTS, ZEM etc , the repository was located at and well maintained.

2.The Beast

The Beast build kodi 2017

The Beast build kodi crated by @B1810Chris, it has got the very best add-ons praise , if your country located at UK you can get build by sign up for fisrt at , repository can be accessed at  , for US user register at repository located at

3.Dad Life

Dad Life build kodi 2017

Dad Life Build same like nemesis, it also Built by Matt from, its focused for the family and kids movies, also not spared Dad Life provides you football and motorsport, the repository was located at

4.Fire TV Build

Fire TV Build kodi 2017

Fire TV Build Made by the FireTVGuru website ( , this addon perfectly installed at Amazon Fire TV stick, you can get best tutorial at Facebook group

5.Megaminds Wookie Build

The Megaminds Wookie build was created for who feel bored on skins display, you can choose several skins from the interface. Its provide addons from free to paid version,from sports to cartoons, I think it was valued kodi build, you can found repository located at

The top 5 kodi Builds 2016 are listed below:

1. Schism

2. Duggz Build

3. The Beast

4. Wookie

5. Pulse CCM


Repo’s are as follows:






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