How to install KODI on FireTV stick

Hey guys, I am Melvin here and today I’m going to show you how to install KODI on FireTV stick.
1. First thing before install kodi we’re going to do is we’re gonna hook up our remote to the firetv stick by holding down the little home button until it recognizes that our remote is connected.

2. After it’s recognized now please click the play button to start, and then go down and choose English united states, and continue without power adapter, now we are not using this one right now.

3. Scan for your networks and connect to your home network, once it connected then we will to try to connect up to Amazon. After that check for updates.

4. Please login to your amazon account, if you don’t have some account you’ll need sign up for it.

5. And once you’ve signed in then it’s going to connect you up to amazon again, you will found pop up and just fast forward through this part, it’s just a little introductory video, click continue on the screen.

6. Click no parental controls unless you want to setup parental control and then click continue on this one, click on got it, when you’re on this page you need to go down to the bottom of here to where it says settings.

7. Once on settings position, you need to scroll across until you get to system and click on that and then you’ll want to go down until you get to the developer options and click on that and then click on ADB debugging so it will be on and then go down to apps from unknown sources and click that, to turn on, click ok popup warning.

8. Please Back out of that and then go over to the next option actually we’ll just click the home button and then we’re going to go up to search and we’re going to search for ES Explorer and install it.

9. Open ES explorer and then you want to make sure you’re on the favorites up here on the left and make sure that it’s expanded here and you want to go down to where it said add, with the little plus sign there and click on it to add the path to the kodi download type in http:\\kodi.Tv\download then you’ll click on next and give it a name Kodi.

10. At the left bookmark scroll down on you’ll see kodi here and we’ll go ahead and click on that it’s going to bring up the kodi download page, start going down and you’ll notice that several of the links, see android picture and under that there is ARM then click on it just one time. Once you’ve clicked on it one time then go to down in the right corner where you can see the three dots here it says more and click on that and then click on open in browser, click on open with ES downloader, wait until download finish, click on open file and then click on install. It’s installing it may take a minute after that open the kodi.

Now Kodi running for the first time so that all simple way how you install kodi on firetv stick, thank you for reading my tutorial, see you in next tutorial.

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