How to Download and install Kodi on Smart TV (LG Samsung)

Hello Guys at this time I will show to you how to download and install Kodi on smart TV (LG, samsung) which are running in android OS. Kodi is one of application that provide movies streaming, songs, images to bring more great entertainment to your lovely room.  We know that kodi running smoothly on android OS, before you can stream a movie, tv shows or what ever you want to watch you must install add-on for kodi, for example 5 best addons kodi (XBMC) 2017 , first is Exodus , exodus is the best one kodi add-on, it has been dominating for couple years, this add-on works very well on kodi, you can enjoy  watch tv shows and movie; second is cartoons8 kodi add-on , with this add-on you can watch your favorites cartoon tv like watch dragon ball super; third dextertv, this is kodi add-on for watching entertainment ,kids channels, movie channels, music channels, premium channels, etc; fourth Phoenix , it has lots of channel including kids channel, sports channel , movies channel etc ; fifth Specto Fork , it presented by genesis , they have same interface this is possible to you for  saving you favorites channel in a folder that allows you to quickly find your favorite programs.


How to Download and install Kodi on LG Smart TV (web OS)

If your smart tv is powered by android, it is very simple to install kodi on smart tv, just follow the steps bellow:

  1. Open Google play store
  2. Search Kodi
  3. Install

Unfortunately LG Smart TV today using  web OS that is not supported by kodi, so the conclusion is install kodi on LG smart TV (web OS) is not possible to do, so we have to do is just wait until LG tech industries , develop LG smart TV using android OS.

How to Download and install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV (tizen OS)

Here are step by step installing kodi on samsung smart tv if your  smart tv running using android OS,there is quit simple, first is open google play store, then simply search kodi and install. But like another company , Samsung has not using android OS,  currently samsung smart TV build using tizen OS.

Step by step Installing Kodi on Vizio Yahoo Smart TV

I will explain more about the most question “can you install kodi on vizio smart TV” the answer is no you can not, smart tv generally is not powered by android , it also found on vizio smart TV.

Don’t worry if you just bought smart tv but your OS is not supported by kodi, you can still enjoy kodi entertainment using Nvidia Shield, xtreamer, FireStick or Nexus Player, which is run in android OS then plug it via HDMI into smart tv.

That’s all about tutorial and conclusion how to download and install Kodi on smart TV (LG, samsung). see you on the next kodi tutorial


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