How to download and install KODI on Mac, OS X, iPhone, iOS and iPad

Hi all Today I will show you how to download and install KODI on Mac, OS X, iPhone, iOS and iPad also we will install the 3 best add-ons to view movies and TV shows.

How to Download and Install KODI on Mac OS X

Download and Install KODI on Mac OS X

1. First we have to go to and select Mac OS X because this is our operating system will be installed on.
2. The installation is quiet simple, we just drag and drop the file installer in our Applications folder.
3. Now we have KODI already install, just open KODI for the first time, in this time need to install add-on if you want to watch any movies.

Step by step install TOP best working kodi addons 2016 to watch movies and TV shows

1. Now we have to go to SYSTEM, and we have to select FILE MANAGER and from there we have to select ADDSOURCE, Here we have to type the address and add a name, to make things easier we just have to put the name SuperRepo, click DONE and OK.

kodi app windows super repo
2. Go to SYSTEM and then SETTINGS, now we have to select ADD ONS and INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE, We have to find the SuperRepo that we installed earlier and select ISENGARD after that select ALL and click

TOP best working kodi addons
3. The next step is to install all the best add-ons, click on SYSTEM and then ADD-ONS, the top best working kodi addons in 2016 are Genesis, iStream and Phoenix.
4. Here we Select Genesis and install, do this step same as iStream and Phoenix.
5. Just go to VIDEOS and then select ADD-ONS, for example Genesis, select latest year 2016 if you can see everything appears normally its looks like you have successfully steps.

install Genesis ADDON on kodi

How to Download and Install KODI on iPhone iOS

In this tutorial we will install KODI on iPhone iOS, now you need to download this files kodi 16.1 iOS ipa and the cydia impactor
1.    After you download Impactor, extract it and place it in a folder , you can use 7ZIP for file extractor.
2.    Make sure that your phone is connected to a computer, make sure you have the latest itune installed on the computer, now drag the IPA file to the impactor and type your e-mail address that is associated with your iTune, now you need to type in the password for your itune once, after that installing was begin, wait until you will get a notice like a picture bellow ,press OK

Download and Install KODI on iPhone iOS

kodi 16.1 iOS ipa
3.    KODI should be show up now but don’t click it because it will say untrusted developer, you will need to go to settings and click to general and go all the way down profile device management select developer app now click trust.

4.    Now your KODI already to open without jailbreak, we need to change the touch screen view to the standard skin settings / appearance change skin to confluence.

How to Download and Install KODI on iPad iOS

install kodi on ipad is same as you installing it on iPhone, you can see step by step tutorial refer to above tutorial

So,thats all how to download and install KODI on Mac, OS X, iPhone, iOS and iPad also 3 best add-ons kodi for 2016, you can share this useful tutorial to your social account like facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

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