what is kodi app?

What is kodi? kodi app is open source software media player ,its pulls content directly to your room screen like TV , Smartphone,iPhone, MAC, personal computer, tablet and other streamer with this ability to play online streaming and local network file . Kodi’s UI designed for user who can make browse video , photo simple, easy and faster  . It’s totally free to download, kodi app handled by XBMC Foundation, its non-profit organization . Since 2003 kodi has been developed by more than 500 software application and it also translated by more 200.

What operating system is compatible to use?

Most of operating system will work with kodi app: windows, OS X, Linux, Ubuntu , android , iOS, raspberry Pi 2, fire OS. For iOS user you need little effort until you can use it on your Iphone device. Make sure your device is jailbroken before installing it. Like an usually iOS apps you can installing it via Cydia. Unfortunately for windows phone user  there is no official Kodi application for the platform.

Kodi app Download for Android

In this day i’m going to show you guys where to get Kodi from for your Android device and how to set it up. Now unlike most of the apps I show you guys how to install. Kodi is available from the Play Store.
1. So for first thing you want to do is going to PLAY STORE.

2. Once you’re in the Play Store quite simple search for Kodi (just go to here kodi) and click on install. Just do simple like that.

how to install kodi app

3. Once Kodi has been installed into your device, so please open it.

How to setting kodi app on your android device?

1. OK first ,quite easy go into your apps and open Kodi.

2. Go into the system settings, now is click on file manager and then add a source.

kodi app install

3. Now in the top box , add is http://fusion.Tvaddons.Ag/ and then click on the bottom box and I’d suggest starting it with a (dot) .Fusion

add file kodi install android

4. Go back to the home screen. when you’re in the home screen please go to videos and then select add-on. Once you’re within the add-on section click on get more. It will come up with a first run help thing, just disregard that.

install kodi android add-on kodi android add-on

5. Now we’re in the get more…. bit it’s going to load up all of the stuff that Kodi comes pre loaded with now at the very top they’ll be two dots. Click on this, this means go up or go back, please go back until you can see install from Zip file.

6. Install from the Zip file click on it and then click on the .Fusion which is you have created.

kodi add on fusion

7. Click on start here and within that menu you will see the hub wizard, click on it to install it from the Zip file.

kodi addon hub wizard 1.1.9

8. Next step is to go back to the home screen, click on programs, click on program add-on after that click on the config wizard. Now after that we will see various different types of operating systems and click on Android because we will install it on Android and then click yes.

kodi for android wizard

9. We should now have a working Kodi with an add-on and you can see that its changed in appearance within the app. Now it’s time to have a little look at Kodi.

10. Go to videos and then click on velocity on here, click on movies and click on what is popular at the moment, in this example lets click on the avengers and let Kodi take a few seconds so just show up with it.

How to watch the avengers on kodi app

11. For example i will click on the top one, but you can see that you can get it in HD and 720p as well and wait for Kodi just to open that stream.

Just simple like that, we can see how this easy way and now Kodi is playing the Avengers. My purpose is that’s how easy it way to stream one of the most popular films out at the minute.

Is Kodi Legal and Safe to Use

Many peoples asking question about kodi legal , is kodi safe to use. The answer is depends on what people do with kodi, when you use kodi for watch  streaming and tv shows using unofficial kodi addons like Exodus, SALTS, Mobdro,123Movies, and SportsDevil it will become illegal. Almost kodi users in USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France or Canada will get problem with copyright infringement notices, some people want to stay safe using it, but not many peoples looking for how to avoid getting illegal notice for kodi in their country using VPN (virtual Private Network), you can browse over internet if you want to use vpn service. The writer purpose is not recommend to you using this idea, what ever your choice , its depend on you, so please use it wisely.

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